dishThe table was redone, the dish was spray painted, and I bought the pumpkin I think last year on clearance.


Like New Lamp

That special red beauty I got at the church garage sale for $3 has been transformed!  It’s now a creamy white (Heirloom White spray paint) has new parts, cord, etc, and a cool new shade.


Here she is dusty and covered in dog hair…GROSS!


Her full beauty…including that crazy finial.


To start the lamp redo, cut the felt stuff off the bottom of the lamp.  Then use some scissors and cut the cord.  Unscrew and the parts and take it all apart.


Home Dept carries a decent selection of lamp kits.  Most parts can also be purchased there individually.  I ended up not needing the harp.

And she is all fancied up and looking new again.


A little blurry because I was holding Penelope while taking the pictures.


The flash reflected of the shade for some reason.

Here’s my helper 🙂


More Indepth Project


A Must Do and Super Easy


Kitchen Inspiration


This is a gorgeous kitchen!I would LOVE to redo our oak cabinets to look like this.

Better Homes and Gardens featured it and said this:

Whitewashed Style

The kitchen received a fresh coat of white paint. The new color makes the kitchen feel more open than the old oak-stained cabinets did. Open shelves above the cooktop and on the end of the peninsula provide storage and display space. Black countertops and a black chandelier ground the white expanse.

Pretty (Clean) Hands

I got the idea for these fancy embellished hand sanitizer gift from Little Birdie Secrets. I made a few up at the end of the last school year and used them as teacher gifts.  This year, with all this H1N1 Swine flu talk, I thought a pretty bottle would be a welcome gift at this point in the school year too.